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Zero turn z525 Trans axle issues!

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The dealership where I bought my mower brand new told me the trans axle can’t be fixed that I have to buy a new one @ $1600.00!!! He said no John Deere dealership is aloud to work on them and they can only install a new one!! Is this for real? The machine was purchased new in July 2016! So are they telling me these machines are basically disposable after 5 years?
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"It depends". Maybe how you are using the machine is more than what the transmission is expected to do, perhaps it just had a relatively early failure, or it ran low on fluid.

JD buys the hydro setup as a unit, and tracks/replaces it as a unit. That's just how JD is.

You may be able to figure out the original manufacturer and model of the hydro, make sure parts are available for it, and then find someone who is willing to take it apart, figure out what's wrong and fix it. This may be cheaper than a new one, depending on what exactly is wrong.

You may also be able to find a replacement unit cheaper than what JD sells a new one for, either a used one from another zero turn, or a new one from the original manufacturer without the JD tax.
Thank you so much for your help!!
Yes it's possible to repair but first you need to identify the hydro so you can search for repairs and/or parts.
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