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Z Force 44 Hydro Problem

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I just bought a 2006 Z Force 44 I am new to the whole zero turn riders. It was in storage 2 years and has had about 20 hours put on this summer for a total of 90 hours. When the control levers are pushed forward the right is smooth but the left has a "grinding" noise. It also "lurches" while moving in a straight line and jumps to left as if it "missed". Any troubleshooting that can be done? The trans is sealed except for the vent pipe on top.???
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I sent you a PM a few days back. You first want to rule out a sloppy linkage or a parking brake issue, then address the oil. These units can only be drained/filled from the top vent port. There are service manuals for the Hydrogear EZT floating around, or I can email you a service manual. Here's a snapshot of what oil to use and the quantity.

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