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YTH2454 review

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I gave up on my JD 265. I just bought a new YTH 2454 with 1.1 hrs on it. I was considering the cub cadet gt1554 with the Kohler.

I like the Briggs Intek 24 HP V-twin. It's very quiet and powerfull. It didn't grunt even with a 900lbs roller behind it while mowing. The transaxle made some strange noises while pulling it. It is a lawn mower, not a garden tractor after all.

The seat is comfy and very adjustable. It fits my wife (5') and myself (5.11") perfectly. The pedals are easy to operate. so is the mower deck height lever.

The mower deck has a very beefy steel Gaurd bolted to the bottom edge. It makes the stamped steel deck very durable. The spindels are ported for airflow. said to "pull" the grass up to be cut, but it leaves allot of grass on top of the deck. It needs to be washed down after every mowing to prevent any rotting. ( I think) I like the hose rinse port on top too. Very clean underneath I was surprised how well that works.

I'm very pleased with the number of Grease zerks. The front axle/steering spindels and the mower spindels. Also the front hubs. too bad the steering linkage doesn't.

My only complaint is the cheap plastic. The handles for locking the parking brake and the cruise control. The cheap net for "cell phone?" had plastic rivets that popped out when I tried to put the deck wash nozzel in there. I wanted to keep it on the machine. The Plastic tray by the cup holder seems useless for anything you don't want to loose in the lawn.

I purchased this at a Tractor Supply Center with the 4 yr service plan. For a big lawnmower I think it's an excellent choice. $1000 less than the cub which is a garden tractor.

JD 48" DECK Husqy 54" DECK

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Nice tractor. Thanks for the pics and the write up.
Good luck with it. I hope it serves you well.
I want to add an update here. I am about to start my fourth mowing season with this husqy. This battery sat all winter in the machine since new. and the fuel was not treated with anything although I now have stabil for ethanol. It started right up this am. There is not any excessive wear on the deck mount holes.

I'm very happy with this machine. The deck seems to rust with the grass acid and I tried to give it a good painting but it flaked off. Thinking of stripping it down completely and having it powder coated. I thought too of giving it a vinegar dip for a gray rust patina to put an end to the red rust eating away at it. Not sure the grass wouldn't eat through that too.
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I've had mine for 4 (?) years now and love it.

As for the deck, I take mine off and thoroughly clean it at least twice a season. no paint left underneath. I have since started using DuraCoat on firearms, specifically the self lubricating. I wanted to test it out, vasiline won't even stick to it and it's an epoxy paint, VERY tough stuff. I'm thinking of painting my deck in it, more durable than powder coating. And the self lubricating teflon fill, well grass can't rust it if it can't stick to it.
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