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YTH2454 drive belt problem.

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OK... so I REALY cant win. :banghead3 Im using my sisters YTH454 to mow my lawn, becouse the rest of my mowers are broken. Well I went to go faward, and nothing... I look under, and dont see a belt on the transaxle drive pulley, so I assume its busted. Its not... it came off the pulley, and wedged under the pulley. problem is, the pulley is RIGHT on the case, so there is not enough room to get it out. :fing20: So looks like I need to pull that pulley. So... 1] how does the pulley come off? and 2] whats the best way to GET to the pulley? Do I drop the transaxle? or pull the seat pan/fuel tank. Looks like the dropping the transaxle is the quickest way. Any tricks?? You know.... with all the stuff I have worked on this is the first later model tin frame belt drive YT I have ever worked on.
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Anyone? Anyone ever do a drive belt on one of these?
Without seeing a photo it's hard to tell, but it might be a lot less effort to cut the belt and pull it out long ways. You can try pulling the belt from either end and if it pulls easier from one end, cut the other end off as close to the pulley as you can. and use the whole belt as leverage to pull out the stuck bit. Also, you can try and disengage the transmission to let the pulley spin, if that helps.
OK. well I got it. The pulley and fan are retained by a snapring. Problem is you cant get to it as it is. I ended up dropping the transaxe out of the tractor. Not that bad realy. A few bolts [8. 4 axle to frame, 2 front bracket to transaxle, and 2 bracket to frame] a wire connector, a spring for the brake, and a peice of linkedge. Jack the frame up, and the transaxle stays put. So I got the belt out from under the pulley, and that back on, and Im hooking it back in now. [lunch brake :D] Good excuse to sharpen the blades wile Im here.
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