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YTH2046 pto belt

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I am usually in the Craftsman section but I just bought a used
Husqvarna 20 hp B&S I don't know what year it is the serial number is
partially rubbed off

I changed the pto belt that is a 81" 5/8
It seems a little tight, about 1' movement of the tensioner

I have searched and found most call for a 85" belt but
for a 18/20hp Kohler engine, not a Briggs 20 hp
Anyone have any thoughts on this
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I managed to get the ser# with a magnifying glass
It is a 2001
B83 fits perfect 5/8" x 83"
There is a aftermarket pto clutch on it so it might have a smaller pulley than oem
one did idk
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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