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YT-4000 with 10 position deck adjustment! Check it out.

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This is all done with factory parts.

It takes about 10 minutes to update and is a perfect fit.
The single bolt that holds the console assembly in place is self tapping, so you have to screw it in before assembly or you will never be able to install it. You also have to roll the spring off the lift arm with 2 long flat tip screw drivers, then you simply remove the cotter pin, slide out the old lift arm and slide the new one in it's place, then install the cotter pin and roll the spring back on the lift arm.

you need the 10 position console assembly, and the lift arm with the flattened section for the much smaller notches.

After I installed this I got 4.25 inches at the 10th pos. You should also replace the right fixed height linkage with a adjustable one to properly balance the deck. I have not had time to lower it, but the 10th position should be at 4 inches.

This is a huge and needed update to this tractor, the 6 position console assembly is pretty much useless.

This mod will work on all husqvarna built tractors that use that 6 position console.

Here are the AYP (husqvarna) part numbers needed if anyone else wants to do this:





NOTE: you could grind the existing lift arm to make it fit the smaller notches.

They are in stock at sears parts direct and also available here: for a bit less.


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Just a FYI, the 2014 models have this exact same 10 position console, so
you should be able to use the part numbers from the 2014 models to update older tractors.
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