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Your thoughts on this one.

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I'm always looking for the "better" way to do things. A few months ago, I was talking to one of my motorhead buddies and he mentioned how he always puts oil in his filter at changing time before he installs it. That way he's eliminating the "dry start". I read somewhere that putting at least a couple ounces of oil in the filter and letting it sit just a few minutes to saturate the paper, gives a much better initial flow. It all makes sense to me so that's what I've been doing. I have seen (not owned) a few filters that mount upside down, so, I suppose, you'd have to drain some back out to not make a big mess, but I haven't had any trouble with the horizontal mounted filters. I'm also putting a strong ceramic magnet on the filter body to, hopefully, collect small steel fragments. No way to check if I'm doing any good without opening up the old filter, but I'm figuring it can't hurt. Any thoughts appreciated.
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Ya that is the way Wal-Mart does it.:sidelaugh

If that's what floats you boat go for it.:thThumbsU
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