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you guys sick of tomatoes too? what do you do with them?

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So being Italian, i like to think i can be creative with tomatoes and sauce

Ive made chicken parm, made a big sauce, made salsa, made a 2 quick sauces, made steak pizziola, put cut tomatoes over chicken and baked it... eaten BLT's.. But i just cant keep up :fing20:

My tomatoes went in late (grew 20 plants from seed) ive had plenty of tomatoes for the past 3-4 weeks, but now they are all ripening at once.

I plan to make one more big sauce this weekend. I freeze containers for later. But thats about it... I am out of ideas... And just sick of tomatoes :ROF

what are you guys doing with all of your tomatoes?
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Can 'em! That's what the wife does anyway.
what are you guys doing with all of your tomatoes?
I think I had 8 this year.


I put out about 25 plants...
Last year about this time I carried a bushel over to a distant neighbor lady and she came back several days later with the best salsa type stuff I've ever eaten. I only planted four plants this year so we can keep up with what they produce. We do like tomatoes for every meal. Sometimes I'll even stop by the garden and eat one right there while on my way to or from the barn.
SWMBO puts them up for winter. Lots of stuff for spaghetti and soup base. We have two big freezers that end up full of garden stuff. Today she's making another batch of pickles and green salsa.

Well we did'nt have a bunch this year, was'nt an issue with leftovers, had plenty of tomato sandwiches with mayo, then of course with the hamburgers and salads, all in all we used what we had as they came, and nothing left, so it's back to the store to get em when we need them now :rauch10:.
Don't have that problem. With the unuasally hot weather here in mich. the tomato plants grew to 9 or 10 feet tall, but produced almost no tomatoes.
So far SWMBO has canned whole tomatoes, tomato soup, salsa, spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, chili, ketchup (or is it catsup?), and tomatoe juice. As soon as it freezes she will pickle the rest. Hopefully, we will have enough tomatoes to last until next season.
I live on the highway, so I have the option of throwing them at cars.......We have a sheet load right now them to the kid, neighbors, etc mostly
My friend Jeff and I canned 113 quarts in two days. We can them outside using two turkey cooker burners, one for blanching and one for cooking. Canned 62 quarts last Sunday, the rest were done the previous Saturday. We have been doing this for several years, and we split them between us, so I'll have enough to last till next season.
I have 4 plants, lotsa green ones. I bet the cold gets them. not a good year. Can them, juice them sell them cheap?
We can salsa, green tomato relishes, the occasional spaghetti sauce, etc. This year we dried some for my wife to use in making trail mixes and chip dip. The tomatoes are slowing down now, so she wants to dry some more.
SJ - Take them to a food pantry down there in York County somewhere. They would love to have them.
we make chilli and freeze it, salsa, bla,bla,bla. good thing i'm not allergic lol.
must be nice i love tomatoes and out of the twenty plants i put in i havent gotten a single one yet i think my green thumb withered
SJ - Take them to a food pantry down there in York County somewhere. They would love to have them.
good thought Micah, i did not bother to try to give many away, i figured this year (with the perfect weather we had up here) that everyone had extras. I'll check with our food pantry.:fing32:
we make chilli and freeze it, salsa, bla,bla,bla. good thing i'm not allergic lol.
chili, good thought. :thThumbsU:thThumbsU

I think ill make a chili this weekend and do a sauce next weekend.
Couple of things that I know will cause tomatoes to not set fruit, even when they have flowers. No bees to pollenate and temperatures above 90 when flowering. I think this year we had a combination of the two because I had early tomatoes, but the late ones never produced. I'm really thinking of putting in a couple bee hives to help pollenate the garden and I'll rob a little sweetner every once in a while. :trink15:

As far as what I do with them, all the things listed above + when one gets chewed on by a varmit, feed it to my dog. Charlie loves to eat tomatoes and they can't be too 'ripe' for him. (read 'rotten')
Speaking of "getting chewed on by a varmit". The biggest threat to our tomatoes this year was the grasshoppers! Those blasted things will eat anything they come across and this has been a major hopper year. Anybody else have problems?
we can as much as we are able to: severals types of sauces, some salsas, and this year I've been using the surplus green ones in a new hot-spicy-sweet pickle recipe. made one test quart batch that worked out premolicously--gettin set to make a half doz. more quarts soon
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