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As the name implies, I just wanted to dl a manual for a friend's Ford 1310. Turned out I had to set up an account to even look at said manual. Anyway, here I am.

I'm a homeowner/mechanic who knows nothing about tractor hydraulics. A friend brought me his 1310 with a 770B FEL and says it was working until he disconnected/reattached. After that, the arms would make full travel when empty, but not with a load. Considering this showed up after a simple disconnect/reattach there's no reason to suspect any busted/broken springs/seals/etc. Using it as a dozer (pushing 3-4 inches of loose dirt) I managed to pop an ancient hose in the bucket curl path. Replaced said hose and now the bucket acts like the arms, curls fine until there's a load in the bucket.

Now I'm looking for a FEL manual so I can properly check the entire system from cylinder to reservoir. The tractor manual covers part of the system back to the 3ph, but not the FEL.
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