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Yesterdays score

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Saw a Simplicity listed on c/l for sale for parts yesterday. Called to see what it was and where, lady really didn't have a clue but it was located on my way to work. So left early and just for the heck of it took the trailer with me. Found a 1978 Simplicity 7012 setting in the edge of the weeds. It was complete with 42" deck, deck has a crack at one of the mounting brackets in the front, they put a new front tire on it and after that they said a wheel bearing went back. Checked this out this afternoon, nothing wrong with it other than when they put it back together they put the outside bearing in backwards. This has already been fixed. Motor is not original, it has been replaced with an older cast iron b&s. Not sure of size yet,#'s are just below the edge of the frame. They were asking 150, pointed out some other things with it and offered them 70. Needless to say it is now setting next to the 7117H in the barn. Here are a couple of pics of it before I unloaded it. It will need a new seat and some good clean up. Very good project tractor though.

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Congratulations on the new tractor. You found a good bargain. Should cleanup real nice.
Nice deal, or should I say steal.

It's a shame what they did to the frame on the right side there. I guess the plate where the engine mounts adds more than enough strength to make up for it, but still...

I love the AC seat. Good project tractor indeed.
Thanks guys, got the motor out. 3000 series b&S, 12hp cast iron block. The motor weights a ton. Forgot how much heavier the old cast engines are verse the newer aluminum blocks. This weights almost twice as the 18 twin onan in my other tractor. I know what you mean about the frame. The guy that put this motor in cut it out for the oil fill.
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nice tractor there do you think you will have trouble getting parts ??? I picked up a 1968 simplicity 14 hp b&s motor 15 inch rear wheels numbers are fadded and I am still looking to find what model it is, good luck with yours they are great tractors, mike:trink40:
It is even a balanced motor. You can see the bulge in the front. Those run smoooooooth!
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