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Yazoo mower????

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My grandad next door bought a Yazoo mower similar to photo new in about 1970.
It's still at the homeplace in garage...he passed in 1985.
Motor turns over, it's in "ok" wouldn't take a whole lot to get it running/working. It would take a lot to restore it back. Is it worth it for me getting it? About 15 miles away.
1) I have tons of stuff here already, I'm starting to not enjoy hoarding
2) It does have sentimentality
3) If I get it worth restoration? I don't want 300 hours and $500 in it to get $1200.
Tough decision. All I need is another project!

Couple years ago we're driving through Yazoo Ms., I stop and lady said "yea I used to work there...they were over there in that now empty field".

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