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Yard-man hydrostatic rewiring

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Question for the hive mind. I recently came into possession of a yard-man 694 series hydrostatic drive riding mower, with a 16hp Kohler Command engine.

Unfortunately, it had been sitting in the guy's shed for a few years, and mice had a party in the engine and blower housing. Most of the ignition wires are chewed through, and I already know the ignition coil itself needs to be replaced. Currently I've swapped in a new battery and it cranks over nicely.

Looks like it is a DSAM ignition, it has the module attached to the ignition coil.

I guess my question would be, is it worth fixing the ignition and wiring, etc? I already know it needs a carb clean and oil change and about $200 in long overdue maintenance.

I've attached some photos of the ignition wiring and some others that might help. Engine model number is CV16S-43511


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When you say "came into possession" was this a freebie? If so, an you can get it running for your quoted $200 and you have the time, two bills is cheap for a riding mower. Otherwise, you need to figure in what the total cost will be and decide from there. Note that restorations or 'fix it uppers' often cost more to get them going than first estimated.
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