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Yantai Lansu Tractors - China

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Am about exploring purchase of Yantai Lansu 40HP tractor together with backhoe and front loader. Does anybody on the forum have any experience with this brand of tractors? Appreciate any word. Cheers
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Before buying any brand machine I highly suggest exploring parts availability where you are.

Might be the best tractor in the world but if it's broke and you can't fix it you're dead in the water.

Kubota, Yanmar... worldwide service and parts for most. Largely unknown Chinese brand YMMV.
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Agree with Ronin, don't buy from brands that you won't be able to get spare parts later from cause you'll eventually inevitably have to do some repair work. And when that time comes, you might be unpleasantly surprised to see that you must replace it altogether.
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