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Yanmar YM226D wiring diagram

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getting a issue with it not turning over at sometimes, seems to be related to the neutral/clutch switch or wiring to it. didn't have much luck looking online finding the right diagram..anybody got one or now a place where i can get a picture online to copy.
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thanks winston i sent you a PM. so far i've found no power to clutch pedal switch and no power to selonid switch on starter. fuses are all good and if run a jumper wire from battery to selonid it will fire right up.

i could do a bypass with a old fashioned push button switch but would rather fix it right.
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Looks like you have a pto safety switch as well. My 2002d has a clutch safety switch. There were connections just past the clutch. When it quit I just unplugged the switch and plugged the two wires together to complete the circuit. Not recommending this but it will help diagnose your problem.
My 1401d will do the same thing sometimes. I usually just let out the clutch and push it back in and it fires right up.
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