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Yanmar finds a job

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Just picked up a YM3110D Saturday and have been moving a lot of dirt since then. I currently have it on 10 acres I am developing to move onto and it is just me and the water well driller out there right now.

I read this forum a lot while searching for a tractor.. but joined another forum by mistake after the purchase/find.. well I am here now.. I like this place for a multitude of reasons and yes, it is the friendliest place.

After doing my usual research I had decided that Yanmar was the tractor that would fit my needs and I needed something in the 30 to 40 hp range with a little "weight"... I couldn't find that within a 500 mile range and began calling about new tractors... this is not the east coast and the dealers out here don't really want to sell tractors -- they are about $5000 above east coast prices on their new machines.

Then the Yanmar came up on Craig's list about the 2nd week of my search.. only had to drive about 140 miles one way to pick it up -- $5500 with FEL, quick detach bucket and land pride box scrapper. It has 4wd (that is a requirement in my sandy loam soil for this "lighter" tractor) and 1150 hours when I picked it up. Got the operators manual, parts manual and service manual from the previous owner and 3 new oil filters and 5 gallons of hydraulic oil with a funnel -- so I'm a happy camper.

So far I've run the gannon on two of the drives inside the property that I was using with the Jeep before the tractor (Jeep trails) and have created a *** over a small drainage which is now a "new road" and cutting a drainage upgrade of the *** to a to another natural drainage at the other end of the property. -- The tractor is paying for itself.

OK, that should be evidence that this is not computer generated.

Don - W Arizona
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Well, welcome aboard. You will find quite a few of the same folks on several different forums. This is a friendly forum. Sounds like you are set to go.:greendr::greendr::greendr:
Hello and welcome to MTF ...again, Don!

Fantastic price for such a well equipped machine. Happy to hear it's pulling it's weight and you're satisfied with the machine :).

Winston and Mark - Thanks for the welcome aboard :thanku:. Yes, this is a really nice forum with some outstanding members. I did a lot of research here reading the various opinions and the Yanmar owners seemed happy with their machines -- Now I know why.

Making some drainage along the back of the property about 660 feet long.. I'm glad I got the 35 HP model, moving a lot of dirt with the bucket.. tomorrow may be putting an angle on the box scrapper and making a ditch the full length and into a small creek bed.

I see a lot of pics on this forum - I have a good camera and intended on taking pics, but just kept on working.. maybe after I finish each job I can take some pictures of interest to show the cuts that have been made, etc.

I am really glad I got the shuttle shift now.. no power loss when cutting with the bucket (HST may be fine, but so is the extra $20k in my pocket):trink39:. I don't find the shifting fwd to reverse to be a big deal... it became second nature after an hour or so.. -- only had to use the 4wd occasionally (rookie operator), most of it is two wheel drive stuff even though it is sandy loam (this is a farming valley). Bucket control seems to be the "key".

35 HP with a fairly large bucket and box scraper for $5500.. yea, I'm a happy camper. Moving dirt.

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