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I am seriously looking at two ~40hp tractors. Both have some issues.

The Yanmar F395 has a bad hydraulic pump, but everything else works "supposedly". Selling for $7.5K. 1750 miles. Looks about right for the mileage. I am only guessing it is a F395, as the owner cannot find and photograph the model number plate. I have photos of the tractor, and it "looks" like a F395 Yanmar. It also has a canopy.

Kubota L345, has a bad head gasket, 1500miles, requires starting fluid to start (Head Gasket, or low compression, or glow plugs ?) And has some minor leaks, as expected. All the hydraulics work. Selling for $4K. Looks like it has a LOT more miles than 1535mi, so I suspect the Odometer is not working. Owner does not know if the 1500mi is accurate. It does not have a canopy.

I am upgrading from a 19hp Iseki, (Grey Market) that is near impossible to get parts for, and has a poor transmission design that causes the 4WD transfer gear to fail under heavy loads.

I want to replace the 19hp with something I can keep forever, and still find parts for. Leaning toward the Yanmar since it has slightly more HP, and looks to be in better shape. But I suspect the Kubota is the better value, long term. I can do the head gasket repair myself.
I am familiar with the reliability of both brands. Just not sure about the Yanmar F395 model, as there are not a lot of them around. I do know the Kubota L345 is a tank.
Both of these tractors are a 4-6hour round trip for me. So I would like to make one trip with a trailer, rather than a look-see trip, and then back again with the trailer.

Please advise.
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