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Yanmar F20, 1984

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What can anyone tell me about an F20 Yanmar with low miles (~1200) built in 1984--price, reliability, and available parts?
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Welcome to MTF pitpruett!

Many of the YM series Yanmars have been imported for several years now…and with the popular models that dealers bring in, they have good to excellent parts support. As the YM series tractors availability decrease, the F series are slowly becoming more popular and typical consumables like oil, air and fuel filters are only a phone call away from any of the better known suppliers. I’m also seeing engine, transmission and axle parts found for some owners, but I’m not sure if these are from used or salvaged tractors specifically brought in for parts support or if they’re off the shelf new. Chances are excellent that as the F series tractor owners grow, so will the parts support.

Here are some general specifications for the F20:

3 cylinder diesel (3TN824) water cooled engine
20 PTO HP / 24 Engine HP
2WD (F20D 4WD)
9/3 Geared Transmission
Weight 2420#’s

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