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Yanmar 2820D 4WD does not move

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my Yanmar 2820D 4WD does not move forward or reverse. Is there any common problem about it?

on 2nd photo there you can see the gear selector, there is no ligt under display, can it be the problem? no electric power?
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Can't pick up your pictures. I don't understand "there is no ligt under display". I don't think electric has anything to do with shifting or gearing or moving. Is your range shift in a gear and not in a neutral position? Does the 3 point and any other hydraulics work as they are suppose too?
Yes, your images are out there now. My first time to see a grey with the lighted gear position indicator. However, shift linkage is still manual. You must have power steering also?

Want to answer my earlier questons?
If pto is not working then you either have a clutch problem or possible splined coupling on the shaft that goes from clutch to transmission. This item. Yanmar Tractor Parts SPLINED COUPLER _
Might check with Hoye about an operators manual. Yanmar Tractor Parts Yanmar Operation Manual

The pto should work in any of the 4 postitions. If the tractor will not move and the pto does not work you either have a bad clutch or splined coupling. Tractor will have to be split to find out which. Already stated this but not sure you understood.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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