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Yaaay!...Just got this Kubota G3200, with pics!!

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Newbie checking in and saying hello. Been looking for a long time for a little Kubota that had been well maintained, and I think I finally found one. Regardless, it's in my garage now!!! Yaaaaayyy!!!

Just brought this home today and am going to start going thru it. Bought it from the original ower, a GM machinist, guy seemed to keep up on the maint and what not very well, have all the manuals for it, 600 hours on this little beast.

Need to find a good source for parts such as mower blades (has a 40 inch 3 blade deck for it), etc. Really runs nice and the original owner seemed like a really cool cat.

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Sweet G3200! I have never seen one that nice, you got a sweet machine. :fing32:
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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