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Yaaay!...Just got this Kubota G3200, with pics!!

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Newbie checking in and saying hello. Been looking for a long time for a little Kubota that had been well maintained, and I think I finally found one. Regardless, it's in my garage now!!! Yaaaaayyy!!!

Just brought this home today and am going to start going thru it. Bought it from the original ower, a GM machinist, guy seemed to keep up on the maint and what not very well, have all the manuals for it, 600 hours on this little beast.

Need to find a good source for parts such as mower blades (has a 40 inch 3 blade deck for it), etc. Really runs nice and the original owner seemed like a really cool cat.

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That is AWESOME! I love those, and yours looks to be in great shape.

Congratulations, and thanks for the photos too!
Your local dealer should have all that. Probably a good idea to get to know them.

Another source that mail-orders Kubota parts is Messicks. I believe they are an MTF site supporter, too.
...Oh, what would you suggest for a "block heater" on this engine? I am looking at a Kat's heating pad that you stick on the oil pan. Don't need much heat, since the tractor will always sit inside, but I was looking at a 50 watt or so pad to stick to the oil pan.....just enough to get the temp up a bit on it.


All you need to really do is keep the ambient temp from getting down into the single digits. If the tractor is stored inside and you have electricity, sometimes just a little electric space heater on low setting will do the trick. Like those oil-filled electric radiators, for instance.

But if the space you are storing it in is completely uninsulated and drafty, then a block heater on a timer probably makes more sense.
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