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x750 deck leveling adjusting bolts w/pix

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I've discovered a difference in the right side leveling adjuster bolt and the left. The pictures show the left side that is taught. The right side has some slack. This is without the deck attached. Not sure what to make of this but seems to me both should be equal or close as both adjusters are the same length. You guys see a problem with this? When the deck is set to mow both are taught and the deck is level side to side. It's just that the left side threads are just about to reach their end of adjustment.


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If the deck is level and the adjuster screw has atleast 1 thread of protrusion from the nut you are ok.
Yes, I agree. For now, but what about later when deck needs adjustment?
I was hoping some of you guys who own an x7xx would chime in here.
I have a x758 and it is exactly the same but has not been an issue.... You would think the bolt threads would appear to be even but they are not.I have gone to different JD dealerships and they also have the longer on one side look on x7xx.
That's what I thought also. Apparently the problem extends to the 1025R also.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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