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X749 tail lamp sockets - export version

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Morning all. Does anyone know what bulb socket to use to replace the dual and single filament bulbs in my 2009
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X749? Also I have amber turn signal lenses, but no turn signal. Do the US versions use this lense as a work light activated on reverse and can this be retro fitted to the export version? Thank you in advance
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I believe the sockets are the same and use the same bulbs (ie dual filament but only lighting one) should be 3157 bulbs. Yes the amber light on yours is clear in the USA and is used as a rear implement light with the headlamp switch and also is used as a reverse light. The red part here is only used as a running lamp.

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A picture of the bulb bases would clear everything up... or haul 'em into wherever you buy your bulbs and compare.

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