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X748 alternator

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Looking at a 2009 X748 with 325 or so hours on it. It looks like the alternator has been replaced with a rebuilt one. Does this indicate anything I should be aware of? The tractor has several body scuffs and minor flaws (accessory switch broke, rubber handle on hydraulic lever missing, front tire side wear,etc)and I want to make sure I don't buy a $7,000 headache. Thanks
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Guessing the dash has been replaced and the actual hours are much higher. It's very rare that those alternators have issues.

Do you have any pics of the rig?
I don't see any huge red flags with either tractor. What makes you think the alternator has been replaced?
I wouldn't be overly concerned with the front tire wear. My '11 had more wear than that at that point. There's always a little bit of drag when you turn hard on a hard surface with the HFWD.

The tech may simply be talking about it having a 40 amp alternator. Most diesels came with that from the factory; for whatever reason, some (mostly older tractors) only came with a 20 amp cheesy unit (then there's a kit to upgrade to the 40 amp unit). If he hasn't been around many diesels, he may not know about that.

How do you break the hydraulic handle?
Takes talent. :drunkie:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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