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X748 alternator

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Looking at a 2009 X748 with 325 or so hours on it. It looks like the alternator has been replaced with a rebuilt one. Does this indicate anything I should be aware of? The tractor has several body scuffs and minor flaws (accessory switch broke, rubber handle on hydraulic lever missing, front tire side wear,etc)and I want to make sure I don't buy a $7,000 headache. Thanks
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Looking at a 2009 X748 with 325 or so hours on it....... front tire side wear

Guessing the actual hours are much higher.
My guess, too. Unless the tractor gets used a whole lot on pavement, 325 hrs shouldn't have the tires worn out. The '09 has the hydro front drive, so scrubbing shouldn't be much of an issue. My '08 has 1100 hours on it and the front tires aren't worn on the edges, and it does scrub (mechanical FWD)

Doesn't sound too well treated, how do you break the hydraulic handle? IMO, keep looking.
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