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X740 wire to nowhere

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Was under the hood today and noticed this wire harness was not plugged into anything. I can't seem to figure out what it is for. The wires are green and black. Can anyone enlighten me to what it goes to?

I did not receive any voltage reading when I tested it. I tested it while the engine was on, off, and also turned the light switch on and off.

thank you to all

*I posted this on another forum earlier because I had forgot my password here. I have not received any solution.


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Do you have a RIO? If so, it might be for the RIO bypass switch connection when using a front mounted implement like a Broom or Snow Blower.
I have a RIO switch built into the PTO switch. Pull up on it all the way to use the PTO in reverse. Not many people have snowblowers where I live, so I'm not familiar with them at all. I can see this hooking up to a sensor on an implement, I just can't find any info to verify it. Since the RIO switch is built into the PTO switch, I don't know that I can understand why it would need anther RIO switch on the implement.
If you have the front PTO installation Kit, it will have a sensor that you plug the harness into. There will be a pulse generated by that sensor that will over ride the RIO so you can backup without having to hold the RIO switch up.
Or. it is for some optional equipment. Especially if all else is working as it should.
What got me looking around was the other my engine was bogging down when I was cutting normal height grass. It was doing work a $500 mower could do. I've never had this machine do anything like that. I was able to finish up though. The next day, it wouldn't start. After messing around and not really doing anything to it, I tried it again and it finally fired up. Ran good the next day for several hours. I chalked it up to having an air flow problem, as all my filters are relatively new. During all this is when I found the random wire. I would be surprised that I never noticed it before, which is why I am reaching out to you all. Seems like it might have popped off something.

I was hoping someone with an X700 series could take a look under their hood to see if they have the same harness.
I'm not familiar with that model, but I suspect that there's a screen inside the tank on the fuel pickup and your symptoms sound like there might be some kind of debris floating around in the tank that sometimes clogs or partially clogs that screen.
You are probably right. Unfortunately, I don't believe mine has a fuel tank drain plug. I guess that would just be way to easy.
Are the headlights hooked up?
Yes, they work as they should. I had someone mention to me that I should test the voltage on the wires while turning the lights on and off. I did that but there was no change in voltage. Actually, there was no voltage reading at all with either setting.

My gut is telling me this is to a sensor if some sort. It's so similar to the wires that go into the air restrictor sensor. I've looked to see if there are two sets of wires that go to that sensor but I only see a place for one. I also thought it might go to the fuel filter but I can't see a place to plug it into it. Maybe I'm going blind.
I looked at my X749. It has 3 connectors in that area, but none look like yours. There is one to the air filter/pressure sensor. The other two are not as obvious. You might look at the wiring harness on JDPARTS. It looks like something related to RIO, might be possible.

thank you so much for looking. Mine is an early model X740, in case yours is a newer model. You have helped me at least narrow it down some. I looked up the main wire harness but I can't get any identifying information on the connectors.

I've looked at the schematics and the only other wire on it that is black and green goes to a speed sensor, which I'm not sure that mine has. Unless that is part of the RIO. Still, within the range of this harness, I can't find anything it connects to.

I'm going to give it another look over today to see if I've missed anything. I'm not sure where to look under the hood for anything related to the RIO.
Mine is a 2011, so later. There are several harnesses and serial number breaks for both models. But, you are correct that the parts list is not particularly helpful in identifying what that might be.
spoke to the dealer today. They said it's likely wires that would be used in the gasoline version of my machine. I guess I'll take their word for it soccer everything else is working alright.
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