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X738 Engine Knock

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Not sure what the heck is going on but it seems like I have a knock all of a sudden. Pretty loud. Seems to run fine but I can't seem to pinpoint it other then maybe center of engine. Anybody ever seen this on these? Kawa engine btw. This machine is very well taken care of too
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OK, I actually just found the issue. Apparently the screw that holds the magnet to the flywheel was loose and hitting. Of course, it trashed the ends of my ignition coils but I tightened up for now and put thread lock on it until I can get the parts in. Stupid.....


Thanks for following up. You might consider putting a bit of blue loctite on that bolt when you replace the coils.
Is it still under warranty? I would think that should be covered.
That magnet was installed at 4:59pm on a Friday! That's an odd one and unlucky at that.
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Yeah, not under warranty. It's a 2014. I ordered the flywheel and coils. $400 for a dumb thing but I figure with all the beating that magnet took I can't trust it not to shatter so might as well replace the flywheel. Thought about moving the magnet but I have to imagine it's balanced all together.
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