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X729 Throttle Response

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The throttle on my 2011 X729 with the fuel injected Kawasaki engine does not increase the engine speed until it reaches between one third and half-throttle position. A dealer says this is normal for these tractors. I'm just wondering if other owners experience the same type of throttle response. Other tractors I've owned have had what I would describe as more even or linear response from idle to full speed across the entire range of throttle positions.
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I have an x728, same engine, and I feel like I have a pretty much linear throttle advance through an RPM range from bottom to top. I have never attached a tach to it, but the sound and feel, as well as the speed available makes it seem that way. There are a few other guys on here who have added small electronic tachs to their dash boards, and would provide a more definitive set of metrics than I can.

If you have a digital camera, take a video, capturing the engine sound as you gradually push your throttle through the range. My 2¢, your dealer is looking to avoid addressing your question.
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Your dealers should be able to resolve the problem. If I recall correctly, several folks here had the same problem a few months back and I think it was traced to a loose connection in the throttle cable somewhere.
I have a 2011, X729 and it reacts to throttle change as Jere described.
My X720SE (same engine) acts the same as Jere's as well.
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