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x728 Price Check

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Sorry to bore you all with another price check! I still haven't decided what I will do, but would really like to trade. Been having a lot of personal stuff (having to assume a lot of responsibiltiies looking after my paternal grandmother's place and her finances in addition to helping my maternal grandfather occasionally, my MIL having major surgery and having her place to tend to for a while which is 2 hours away, and just too much general property maintenance at our home for the time we have to spend on it, etc.) going on, and really feel the need to simplify and focus just on mowing grass and blowing snow for the most part, no big outdoor projects for the foreseeable future.

Brand New X728
62" MMM
3 Point Hitch
Rear 540 PTO
Front Quick Hitch
Front Drive and Upstop for blower(all the parts necessary to run the snow blower) (I am keeping my 47 blower)

I think this is pretty good, unfortunately my dealer owns 6 or 7 other locations within a 2 hour radius, but they are an awesome dealer. I would assume this includes the $700 rebate, and the $200 attachment rebate, which he said this would qualify for. FWIW the price on an X720SE was $11,800 (seemed like a no brainer on the step up to 4wd). As always:thanku:
and I hope not too many people think I am trading "down", because I sure don't think I am.:fing32:
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No apologies on the price check. It's never boring to talk JD, at least for me anyway. I'd say that's a pretty good deal to be honest. Are doing a trade with the 2320? I like that it already has the rear PTO and hitch. I assume your 47" snow blower is in good shape.
BTW is the impeller on your snow blower plastic?

I think this sounds good especially if you like the dealer and feel they aren't taking you for a ride. Wish I had a dealer near me that "awesome".
Thanks JJ. The impeller, on mine is not plastic. It has been a great blower and can really move snow, even does a decent job on wet stuff. Yes I would be trading the 2320, don't want the hassle of selling it outright right now. They are doing ok on the trade value too. I will pretty much break even on it and get the blower too. When do you get your x740?
My X740 should be delivered sometime next week. The dealer knows that I'm not happy with all the crap that happened yesterday so I think they're trying to move a little faster. They're just waiting on Curtis for the cab apparently.
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