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X728 grease fittings

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Anybody know how many grease fittings on a 2010 x728, all I have is the owners manual.

Always want to put a picture up:fing32:

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On an AWD version X700 series I know of 6 on the tractor itself.
Four on the steering. One on each drag link tie rod(2) and one on each side of the power steering cylinder.. tie rods (2).
One on the front axle pivot point. Accessed from the very front of the tractor.
Finally on the U joint of the drive shaft for the transmission at the transmission end. This one can be harder to get too.
Thanks Maverick, I'll send this to the other room and have the Bride print me out a copy, then I'll use your guide and my owners manual and grease that bad boy up.

I've got the John deere green grease, any other thing I might be concerned about, its two years old with 16.8 hours on it.

My 2008 X748SE owners manual shows pictures of all the grease fittings.

Are they saving money on shorter manuals now??? Maybe hoping to sell more shop manuals. Hmmm.
I have pictures but I just wanted a second opinon.

But this ain't my day, I pushed the cherry picker into my other garage and when I went to pull the lifting jig for the snowblower, I have it jammed inside the cherry picker, I'm in the house now waiting for the bride, she will have to watch as I hammer and bang on it, its really stuck.

The four foot long piece of square stock with the ring on it is stuck.

Is stuck inside the end of the top of the cherry picker, I just stuck it in there to take it with the picker.

Stuck in this

Bride just hollered shes ready to help out.:)

I'm not sure what its jam on what,,,,, :sorry1:
The hook of the crane is jam on the 4' foot tube????:hide:
Do you mean the crane jammed in the garage door?
The 4 foot long piece of 1 1/4 inch square stock was stuck in the opening of the cherry picker, I just got it out, had to take the ram off, that and a big lead hammer dislodged it.

Well her and I got it out.

Thanks for asking ST:fing32:

Thanks again Maverick I got the x728 all greased up:fing32:

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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