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X700 Series Family Tree

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While looking for some info I came across this part of the Deere site I had not seen before. Might be old news to most but I found it interesting and if you are thinking "I want an X7xx tractor but used is for me" this might help you figure out what the #s mean. It helps me when other models are referenced here. :thThumbsU
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Thanks for the download.

Great Work! Nice research project, excellent presentation. You must need more snow!

Thanks very much for gathering, verifying, accumulating comments, and publishing a nice little summary sheet. Guess v2 will need to extend with the Series 1 models.

Stay cool everyone,

I thought the 1 Series were SCUTs repacing the 2 Series. That should exclude them from the X Series Family Tree and Garden Tractor list (thankfully).

If anyone has an extra one (either of them) they want me to take a prolonged period (1-3 years or so) to analyze and document I am willing...:trink39:
Updated to fix a couple of copy/paste issues. I have included the original "by model" sort and a "by feature" sort I like to look at to see which models share features. This sorts things to group them by Drive (2WD vs. 4WD/AWD), Steering (2WS vs. AWS), Fuel (Diesel vs. Gas), Fuel Delivery (Carb, EFI, ...), Year, and Model.

As with the last one there is no warranty but I will attempt to make corrections if needed and change things as models evolve.:trink39:


Thanks again POENY! Great compilation of information!
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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