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X700 Series Family Tree

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While looking for some info I came across this part of the Deere site I had not seen before. Might be old news to most but I found it interesting and if you are thinking "I want an X7xx tractor but used is for me" this might help you figure out what the #s mean. It helps me when other models are referenced here. :thThumbsU
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Great job, but of course someone has to ask for one more column right?
How about me? and how about a column for the transmission? Would that be easy (sure I'm asking for you to do it so it is plenty easy for me to ask) enough for you to collect and add?

Thanks again, I always like to scan this type analysis.
Great Work! Nice research project, excellent presentation. You must need more snow!

Thanks very much for gathering, verifying, accumulating comments, and publishing a nice little summary sheet. Guess v2 will need to extend with the Series 1 models.

Stay cool everyone,
1 - 2 of 65 Posts
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