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X7 Series - Front weight bracket, Deere (BM24363) Or Heavy Hitch?

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Need to add front weight bracket (and weights) to my X749 when using box blade. Been debating between the Deere 9 weight bracket versus the Heavy Hitch bracket. Looking for the board's experience, opinions, pros and cons associated with either version.

Thanks in advance
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I only have the Deere version for my X, it bolts to frame using holes already there. And when weights are in place and the hood is open, the grille just lightly kisses the weights.
My only wish would be a front bracket that clicks in, no tool required.

The bracket is very heavy duty.

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I find that four weights (168 lb.) up front are enough for me when using my 60" box blade, both for traction as well as counterweight when lifting the blade.
I agree with KHodges, the four weights that your X can hold now might just be all you need, I'd at least try the four weights & you might not need to spend extra $$ on extra holder & weights.
Four weights on the frame integrated weight bracket is enough counterweight to easily be able to steer with my 647 tiller on the back. I imagine the 647 is possibly more weight than a box blade. I just made a front weight bracket for a single bracket weight that connects using the front receiver. When pinned in it mounts against the front of the fame and also on top of the frame so it can't move. No bolting.
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I have the Deere 9 weight bracket and as previously noted its extremely heavy duty and well made, also makes a great front bumper! But also as noted most of the time 4 weights is enough for a box blade or tiller. I got it mainly for the bumper aspect and just in case I used my boom pole on the back. I suppose if you had a large 3pt or click n go material collection system full of wet grass more than 4 weights might be needed.
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I was thinking I'd need a bit more than 4 weights. I have been using a frontier BB2060 box blade to grade a 1/4 mile gravel drive. My X749 gets mighty light in front with just the BB. I currently do not have any weights, but have been using my 54" snowblower as a front counter weight. That seems to be about right. With the BB 1/2 to 3/4 full of gravel the tires just start to break loose. If the BB is full of gravel, my 3-point won't lift it. Using the blower as a reference I'm guessing 150-200 pounds extended 18" - 24" in front of the front axle. So i was thinking 4 weights on the built in bracket would be too light. Are my calculations way off?
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Only time I've wanted more than 4 suitcase weights is for rear weight when using my loader. 4 weights up front seems to be plenty for tilling or for blade work for me. It gives me enough traction when pulling a tiller through the garden, and it's enough to keep the front planted when I pick up the tiller, or the box blade. My 50" tiller weighs around 300 lb, and the 60" box blade is almost that heavy. Never had any issues pulling the blade when grading; I run Trupower tires front and rear.
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I can offer no insight on the need for weight myself. However I am really impressed with Heavy Hitch as a maker of JD parts. I put on one of their rear receiver hitches and it is vastly superior to the JD variety because it uses standard 2" stingers used on my truck. The JD one uses 1.25" which would necessitate buying more stingers and balls.


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