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First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Last January I bought my 1st 4wd x585 and got some great advice here about my heater hookup for use during snow removal.
This year i need more advice on another attachment. Yesterday I bought a 54 mower deck along with a 3 bagger system. I bought it from a mower salvage yard in Pa and it looks like its in decent shape. They were super good to deal with. Now I know its a used unit so Im sure theres a few things that will need replaced. I tore the mower deck completely down this morning and found no bad bearings or spindles but I would like to replace the 2 idler pulleys while its apart as they have some noise as well as replace the drive belt. Lastly on the deck I noticed that the blade on the left side of the mower sits about 1/16th of an inch lower then the middle blade and the chute side blade matches the middle blade. Will this show up when mowing grass? I noticed that the bolt for holding the blade on was different then the other 2 bolts so maybe at some point that spindle could have been replaced.
It looks like I will need to remove my 3 pt hitch to install the bagger. I was hoping I wouldnt need to do this but I dont see any way around this as my swing arms will be in the way of the mounting arms for the bagger and the draw bar would be in the middle of the bags.
Im also hoping I can use the bagger with my cab still on the tractor as I would hate to remove it plus in the fall when its time to pick up leaves the heater would make it a nicer chore to do!
So my questions are as follows, Is there any way to work around the 3 pt hitch? Does anyone have a parts diagram with part numbers as I can order my parts thru Stens if I have JD numbers. Does anyone know if the bagger can be used with the cab still on or does anyone have a picture of your tractor with this bagger system in place so I can get an idea of spacing?
I am including the serial number on the mower deck and the power flow. Any suggestions would be a great help. Again thanks for everything you guys do here.
Deck - M054CBC040129 54C
Power Flow - GX54HPY014691 Model 54" BLOWER092904
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