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X540 pto?

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The PTO isn't working. When I pull up on the lever to engage not a thing!! Now what, hate to start throwing parts at it not knowing what it is. Could it just be the handle and switch?
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It sure could be. It could also be one of a dozen other connections in the system. I would check any fuses you can find, and if they look fine, pop the switch out and check for continuity with a test light or multi-meter. If the switch checks out OK, pull the wires off the pto clutch and check for current there. I wouldn't throw any parts at it until I poked around with a test light. It could be anything from a connector that fell off to a defective pto clutch. Won't know until you do some digging.
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Looks Like it's the switch. Called the dealer and they just had to order it. I pulled the plug off a few time yesterday with no results and my buddy called today and said take a few pics because he might have one in stock so I pulled the plug and took a few pics put it back together and checked it again and wouldn't yah know it, it works plus now it doesn't stop the deck mowing in reverse with out holding up on the lever so must be the problem. I'll pick up the new switch and have it here when it acts up again but will run this as long as I can, plus kind on cool not having to pull up on the lever every time when mowing backwards for sure!! LOL:thThumbsU
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DR, I wasn't so lucky...

How much was the switch, if you don't mind?

It was $23.31 at The local John Deere. I don't know what was up with mine but it is still working fine but do have the spare if it dose go this winter snow blowing. Good Luck!!
Maybe it was a bad connection and it seated itself correctly when you put it back together. I think the spare for blowing might be a good idea anyway...
Make sure the brake pedal lockout switch isn't stuck open, The PTO shouldn't engage if the brake pedal is pushed in; it's part of the starter interlock.
Thanks DR, and all.

I'll keep on it.

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