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x540 - hooking up 42 Hydrulic tiller from a x345

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I have a 42 hydraulic tiller from a x345 and a x540 mower. I know this and similar questions have been asked before, but I couldn't locate anyone who had completed the project. I have both the tiller and mower already, so once I get this figured out I'll post everything to help anyone else who may end up in a similar situation.

So far looking through threads and Sergents response I know I need
1. New frame -AM135572. Transfer all the bits from my old frame to the new one. Here

2. Need new Pulley M75660 for the pump

3. New lift assembly - New Lift frame Pictures, New Lift frame Images, New Lift frame Photos, New Lift frame Videos - Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Lift Arms - ST542273 - need this entire assembly. Some parts get permanently installed on mower, others stay on tiller. This connects tiller to lifter mechanism.

Anyone see anything else or maybe have completed something similar.

Also, if anyone is reverse of me, and has a 345 or similar tractor and and a tiller for a x500 let me know as these parts are expensive and we could work out a swap. Saw one guy a few years back back but I get its a pretty rare scenario.But you never know.


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From this thread -
post 20
He shows this pic
I think this is for a 30 inch tiller - but it shows a welded on piece that the lift assembly attaches to the tiller. I dont think I have this on my rototiller. Is this just for 30 inch?

Edit - Looking at pics I think this is just for 30 inch tillers. So disregard this post


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