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X540: Air & Fuel Filter Replacement Question

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For my 50 hr maintenance, I decide to go ahead and purchase the LG257 home maintenance kit.

I have a couple questions regarding the air filter pre-cleaner and the fuel filter:

Fuel filter:
Should I be prepared to have the entire contents of the tank drain or is there a shutoff valve somewhere between the tank and filter? The OM isn't very specific.
Any tips to getting at that thing? Really kind of nestled in there.

Air filter:
Why on earth is the new pre-cleaner so large? I put the old one that fit back on for now. Seems odd to me that the wrong part would get put in the box.


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DZ would take the precleaner/kit back and ask for the right one. That isn't it. Probably misboxed at the factory. Roger
Are both old and new air filters the exact same size? Seems odd that nearly every engine for the Deere X line uses the same oil filter but the water cooled 540 would have a different air filter? Every D and X engine uses the same oil filter which is obviously an effort to streamline product.

The gas won't flow from gravity feed, it's a safety concern and why the engine has fuel pumps. Just keep the fuel line pointed upward to keep spill at a minimum. I usually replace the compression springs with hose clamps (small ones). I feel it's easier to use a screwdriver in tight quarters than needle nose pliers.
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Re: X540: Air & Fuel Filter Replacement Question

Yes, old and new air filters are the same. It is in fact strange. Will stop by the dealer on the way home.

Forgot about the fuel system being a pumped system. Thanks.

Good idea on the hose clamps.
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Well, to close out the thread-

I took the pre-filter back and it was in fact the wrong one. Wrong part in the box. Dealer gave me the correct filter and I was on my way.

When I got around to the fuel filter, I realized that the plastic body panel in front of it was not a part of the dash and that gave me easy access. I left the spring clips in place.

Thanks again.
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