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X534 hydrostatic pedals ... southwest Wisconsin

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Oldest son's in-laws are constantly loaning him garden tractor for lawn work then request it back. His latest loaner is an X530 with mower deck and snow blower/thrower (don't know model).

He got the tractor out to clear snow yesterday and reverse would not work. I have not been to his house to diagnose so can only repeat what he has told me.
  • Hydro trans works ok but there is problem in transmission linkage.
  • When he steps on the reverse pedal he has no reverse.
  • He can reach down and pull the reverse pull up then reverse works ok.
  • Stepping on the FWD pedal should set the REV pedal linkage to ready it for reverse operation.
  • To new of a tractor for my expertise. What gives?
  • Mechanical or hydraulic linkage?
Thank you ... Gabby
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I would think mechanical. Likely there is just something loose in the linkage.
Looking for online operators/technical manual for assistance.
I think JD has the owners manuals available for free, but, tech/service manuals, they still charge for. They get ouchy if we link to a downloadable (free) version though.......
I am in the Deere site for X530 now researching issue.
Spoke with son again.
  • Tractor is actually an X534 ... 4 wheel steer should not change transmission linkage.
  • He was not aware of RIO (reverse implement option) but tractor did function properly start of yesterday.
    • Engage attachment, step on fwd and go. Step on reverse, attachment disengages and then travels in reverse.
    • Was not aware you could hold up on pto engagement switch to keep attachment engaged. Now he knows.
  • Fluid level is 1/2 way between Full/Add. Should be ok.
  • Something is not pushing the reverse pedal to the fully raised position. When he steps on the reverse pedal there is not enough distance between pedal and fender deck to engage reverse direction.
  • Would the RIO have anything to do with this?
The RIO is purely electrical. (well, there IS a mechanical switch....) I am still thinkin' this is something loose in the linkage. Best bet would be crawl under the tractor, and have someone else manipulate the pedal, (engine NOT running) see what moves that shouldn't, and what doesn't move, that should.
I will probably go to his house after basketball games to see if we can diagnose issue. Owners manual you linked above does not have enough detail. Need tech manual which I do not think Deere makes available.
They will happily sell it to you for a couple hundred bucks. :D
I own an X485 and X720 and have tech manual for X7XX series tractors. Looking at the pedal linkage in that manual.

Would the X5XX linkage be the same as X7XX?
Don't know for sure.... but, I would expect some similarities at least.....
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Photograph White Light Rectangle Product

Here is the X7XX pedal linkage.

I had son check free-wheeling lever to make sure it was fully disengaged (or engaged). First check it was neither. Somewhere between,

Diagnostic info says the control rod (F ?) could be bent, missing, or disconnected. This is what we will look for.
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There is considerable difference between X5XX and X7XX pedal linkage so the information I had from my X485/X720 didn't help diagnose problem. Tractor is operational using the FWD pedal for both FWD and REV. Press the pedal for FWD and manual pull the pedal up for REV.

Something happened to the tractor Friday while he was clearing snow. Tractor was working as expected when he began clearing. I don't know if change was gradual or suddenly changed. There is no Theory of Operation for pedal function even for the 700 series but there is a section of about 15 pages that cover the adjustments of the pedals. There is a lot going on with these pedals besides forward and reverse operation. Free wheeling, reverse implement option (RIO), and cruise control need to be satisfied with pedal adjustment. Without correct manual and a stand to place the tractor on we could not see where the problem was but expect it to be an "adjustment that slipped". I expect the tractor will need to be taken to Deere dealer for service if I cannot get a tech manual to study for repair.
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He can reach down and pull the reverse pull up then reverse works ok.
There are two bolts that hold the pedal metal to the thing that moves the transaxle lever.
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Diagram

Parts 28, 29, 3.

Make sure the pedal height is adjust correctly at rest and the bolt is tight. I think yours is loose enough that the pedal is too low, so not enough space for it to actually go in reverse.
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Yes Frogmore. I saw the slots in pedal levers and figured that was for adjustment. Tech manual for X720 adjustment gave a dimension between underside of pedal and fender deck in neutral position. I do not have that dimension for X534 tractor. Do you know that dimension for the two pedals?
I don't have it either. I usually just put it all the way up. That might lower top forward speed though.
I will start by seeing if the REV can be raised without adjusting the FWD pedal. Sounds like a trial and error type of adjustment.
I have both pedals raised as high as possible on my X534 and on my X749. I think the rear might be too high on the X749 and it might be limiting my forward speed. I have thought this way for over a year, so obviously not enough to actually do something about it.

It isn't really an exact science/setting, but with the reverse pedal only an inch above the floorboards, flooring it really isn't going to do too much.
Stopped at son's house after attending wake/funeral this evening. Snow predicted to start again tomorrow/Wednesday so wanted to get him the info on adjusting the pedals before he needed to used it again. He will work on it tomorrow afternoon. Told him to give me a call if he needed help.
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