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X530 issue

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my X530 has 134 hours on it and I need to take it to the repair shop.

It makes a loud whine sound when the engine runs so I was pretty sure there is a bad belt guide wheel on the drive belt somewhere.

Yesterday when I finished mowing a 1.5 acre lot I peeked under there and there is evidence of trans fluid leaking out. So now I'm worried about the transaxle.

I'm glad for the warranty but at the same time it's killing me, every fiber of my being wants to take the tractor apart and figure out what's going on.

Anyone else had any issues like this with a new tractor? Mine is only 16 months old.
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I have not had that issue, though I have had a little fluid leak out of one of the drain plugs and the filter housing. Both were resolved by tightening or re-seating. I had a real hard time with one of them because the fluid was blown around by the fan, so tracing became impossible. I ended up cleaning the entire transmission, then examining it every 15 minutes of use until I was finally able to locate the leak (transmission filter housing).
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