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X530 frt weight bracket

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On my x530 i have the front weight bracket which limits how high i can raise the snowblower. i wanted to remove the bracket to get more lift but the hood is fastened to the bracket. Are there other smaller brackets i can get for the front of the hood? :thanku:
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Event if you take off the weight bracket the blower lift capacity is limited by the mount stopper.

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The most important thing to consider it's the snowblower pulley angle, in the picture below you can see in blue the angle of the big pulley, too much angle and the belt will get off.


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When I did the maintenance on my snowblower last fall I discover that the idler pulley angle as to be perfect otherwise the belt will jump off when the snowblower is raise.

The pulley on the left should be slightly bent inwards to keep the belt on the large pulley and must run in the middle, otherwise the belt will frayed.

It cost me two belt to learn that. :banghead3

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Bingo 8086bruce, you have it exactly :thThumbsU
I completely forgot about the new design bracket. :duh:

You should have post a picture of your setup. :)
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