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X500 series roll call

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I'm thinking about getting an X530. I was wondering who has a X500 series tractor and which model you chose and why you chose that model over the others. So far the best price I can find on the X530 with HDAP tires, 54 inch deck and brush guard is $6584.30 including tax and prep but not delivery. is that a good price?

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I have the straight x500 now for the last two seasons with 90 hours, and I love it. I chose this model because it was the cheapest in x500 series. I could get the job done fine without some of the other creature comforts in the other models.

The one major change I did make was to have HDAP tires installed. I think they greatly improve traction and make the machine look like and perform more like a true garden tractor.

I would say that you should have them include delivery in the final price. As far as the price you have, I'm not sure, but whatever you do make sure they know that you're shopping around to get the best deal.
I have the X500 also 41 hours as of today no problems and love it. The X500 suits me just fine for my needs :thThumbsU
X540 checking in:greendr:
Paid $6,825 with Mulch kit and brush guard installed and that also included delivery (25 miles or a 45 minute ride).
I could not be happier...

For my full review with pictures, please see:
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X520 ( discontinued) gave me the Kawasaki Liquid cooled engine HDAP's with out the $1000 more for p/s, p/lift ( haven't strained my foot yet and I don't have to start the engine to lift and lower for servicing and taking mower or blower on and off.

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looked at x320, drove an x500, bought it this spring ( 26 hrs now, mowing approx 2acres ). really happy i chose the 500!!
I've had my X500 since May 2009. 54" deck. Mow about 3 acres of weeds (a poor excuse for a lawn) whenever they too high. Have 110 hours on it and loved every minute. No regrets.

Early this summer I retrofitted a used 30" tiller and couldn't be happier with performance of the combo.

Not sure how good of deal your getting but it is better than mine.
I have an X500 with about 135 hours on it. I use it to mow, drag stuff (like trees), occasionally push dirt/gravel, and more during the summer. All winter long I use it to plow snow. My machine is a pure "stock" setup, 48" deck, turf tires, 48" plow and 50lb wheel weights in winter.

I've added a couple of tweaks such as a second 12V receptacle in the tool box as a more convenient place to plug in my rotating amber warning beacon that's behind (and soon to be above) the seat for night-time snow plowing.
I got a price of $5900 today for a x530 with HDAP tires and a 54" deck. No tax or delivery included in that price.
I traded in a 2 year old X320 on a X530. I chose the X530 mainly for the power steering and the 54" deck. Glad I made the deal.


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X500 Here. Got it at the begining of July and have 27 Hrs on it. Went with because I did not want power steering and Power deck lift. If you want an x530 go for it. My x500 has not let me down yet.
I got my X500 in spring of 2009. I chose it over the X300 due to being able to push snow and for ground engaging (if I get a tiller someday). I couldn't be happier with it. No problems whatsoever and was $4500 with free delivery (I picked mine up the Saturday I bought it, didn't want to until Monday for free :fing32:
Purchased my X540 this June, 48" deck with mulcher for $6,600.00. That includes good old CT sales tax. No charge for delivery. No HDAP tires yet.

I have about 20 hours on it mowing my lawn (?) and hills and "lower 40." I've towed wood, mulch, stone dust (stuff's heavy) and all sorts of brush. No problem at all. I don't even know there is anything on the back.

Blade for the winter is next on the list to purchase.

The tractor is well designed, comfortable to drive and ride, cuts great. I love the power steering and so does my wife. Really makes manuevering around my property very easy. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

You can't go wrong with any of X500 series. Get what you want and enjoy the seat time!
I had a 500 for just 8 short hours and liked it but decided to get the 530 to make life easier for my bad shoulder which flared up right after I got the 500 and glad I did. While the pwr steering and Hyd deck are nice I don't know if they are worth the extra money to some but I figured it would have a better resale value if I ever trade it in. One thing I do notice over manual steering is it manuvers much quicker around tight spots.
X500 with 48"deck and powerflow.
I did not need the power steering and hydraulic deck lift....heck, I'm only 39!
I went with the x540 for its ability to use a 42 inch rototiller, plus the power steering and more quiet liquid cooled engine. 200+ hours so far and no problems.

That price looks good to me.
x500 here as well. As previously mentioned, have no need/desire for the power steering, and after having a tractor with a hyd lift (Case 446), I do like the ability to service the deck or plow without having to start the tractor. The spring assist lift is VERY easy to engage.

If you have medical conditions that make steering or pushing a pedal for the lift difficult, or you are looking far enough into the future to worry about resale value, go with the x530, otherwise you will very much love the x500.
Traded in my 316 for an X500 this May and paid $4200. I don't miss the power lift my 316 had and it easy to steer. I mow one acre of lawn regularly and a 3+ acre weed field once or twice a year. The differential lock is a real bonus and so far cuts better and has better traction even without useing the diff. lock than my 316.
I bought the X500 because its the most i will pay for a belt driven tractor, I figured i would keep it for 3-4 years and then upgrade to a JD 9620. I figured since some peeps buy x748 to cut .50 an acre i could use this to cut my 3 acres plus it has a hard cab! :p
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I bought the X500 because its the most i will pay for a belt driven tractor, I figured i would keep it for 3-4 years and then upgrade to a JD 9620. I figured since some peeps buy x748 to cut .50 an acre i could use this to cut my 3 acres plus it has a hard cab! :p
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