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X500 series, 2018 vs. 2019

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I've been getting quotes for the x570 and x590 and noticed the x570 is a 2018 model. I have not been able to find anything which might be different. Has anyone heard of any difference in the model year? I'm sure its just a matter of on-hand inventory but curious. I'll certainly ask when I go in to order, but like to know as much as possible going in....,

Thank you
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There were big changes for X300 and X500 in 2016, so I wouldn't expect much difference from 2018 to 2019.
I agree ^^^. After doing much of the research for a friend of mine, I didn't see any difference between the 2018 and 2019.

Give serious consideration to getting the X590 over the X570. The hydraulic lift is worth the money, along with power steering, and of course EFI. For an extra 25% cost, you'll get a much more versatile machine. Small cost over the life of ownership.
+100 I pretty much convinced my buddy to go with the X590 after my research. He picks it up this coming Saturday. As Al has stated, the power steering and lift are well worth the money. Plus, you get a little more horsepower with EFI, a front bumper, and HDAP tires. In the end, it cost him $1,300 more than the X570.
The X590 doesn't come with a front bumper, it has the same front weight bracket as the rest of the X500-series. You CAN add a bumper which is sold separately. As you state, it has 1.5 additional HP. But you give up a lot of turning radius with the power steering. 22" vs. 16" for the X570.[/quote

Maybe used the wrong terminology. But it is different from the X570. See uwaeve’s post.
The power lift is what sold him. Using that foot lift when snow blowing would get old real fast, especially for us old guys.:tango_face_smile:

It looks like your buddy got a $300 discount off list price as the list price difference between the X590 and X570 is $1600 (assuming a 54" deck). Odd since JD is currently advertising $500 off the X590/54".
He was looking at the X570 with the 48” deck, $1900 dif. With the X590, 54” deck, blower, 2 weights and chains, he’s in at just under $8200, plus tax of course. Almost like getting the blower for free compared to list.
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