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X500 series, 2018 vs. 2019

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I've been getting quotes for the x570 and x590 and noticed the x570 is a 2018 model. I have not been able to find anything which might be different. Has anyone heard of any difference in the model year? I'm sure its just a matter of on-hand inventory but curious. I'll certainly ask when I go in to order, but like to know as much as possible going in....,

Thank you
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I see what you mean. JD does make it a bit confusing. What used to be called a weight bracket is now called a bumper. :) Like you said, the only option now is the brush guard. I was never a fan of the brush guard as they designed it where you have to remove a hairpin clip and pull the rod out every time you need to open the hood to check the oil. For that reason I installed the standard bumper on my X500 which seems to give adequate protection.

You are right about the foot pedal. It's not too bad with a mower deck (I have a 48" deck) but with something like a snow blower it would get old fast. :)
I put the brush guard on my 580 when it was new. The first day I put it out in front of the house a 1x12x10 pine fascia board that was being pulled off came down and landed on the tractor. Luckily it hit the brush guard and did no damage. I also have no issues with the fact my 580 isn't EFI. I think far too much is being made of the EFI on smaller machines like the 590/580. I have no issues starting in below 0 degree weather, I can run all day on a tank of gas, and the little bit of extra HP derived from the EFI doesn't amount to a pee hole in the snow.
At least go for the 580. You will NEVER regret the hydraulic power steering or lift, and options in the future will add a whole new meaning to the words "Look what I can do."
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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