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X500 series, 2018 vs. 2019

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I've been getting quotes for the x570 and x590 and noticed the x570 is a 2018 model. I have not been able to find anything which might be different. Has anyone heard of any difference in the model year? I'm sure its just a matter of on-hand inventory but curious. I'll certainly ask when I go in to order, but like to know as much as possible going in....,

Thank you
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The 570 has what they call a front bumper, the 580 and 590 have the front weight bracket replacing that bumper. None come standard with the brush guard, which is what some people might consider a bumper.

X580 is another option, if you want just the power steering and lift.
From the X570, the X580 gets front weight bracket, power steering and lift, serviceable transaxle filter.
From the X580, the X590 gets EFI, tilt steering, and an upgraded seat.

Depending on the deals, the deltas can be determined and you can figure out if those features are worth the money. I settled on the X580 because of a deal that made the 580 $200 more than the 570/394 price point. I liked the idea of EFI but the 580 deal at the time meant that was like a $1,500 jump.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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