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I made a post a while back about a noise in the enjine area I couldn't find the source from, and finally took it to the dealer. I have just under 100 hours on the machine. While there I had them do the 100 hour service. Upon picking up the machine, the dealer told me that the noise was coming from the PTO bearing and because it is a sealed bearing John Deere told them not to fix it.

I am mechanically challenged and didn't want to argue with the service manager, but it makes a annoying noise and it seems that there is a little loss of top speed. I made him note it in my maintenance history, but do you think that the problem should have been fixed, as it should be covered under warranty? If it is a sealed bearing, how long until it craps out??

So, if any of you more knowledgeable folks out there have any ideas on what I should do, or not do, I would really appreciate it. Kind of a shame spending that kind of money on something that is twice a loud as it should be.

Thanks much.


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If the bearing is making noise, that you can hear without any audible aids, that is not normal. I wonder if the service guy misunderstood Deere. I can understand them telling him, "It's a sealed bearing, so don't fix it." Meaning don't try to repair the PTO clutch that's on the tractor by replacing the bearing. But I would think they should replace the PTO clutch, which includes the bearing. It is possible the bearing seal has failed, or the unit was not greased or was undergreased from the factory. I would go back to the dealer and talk with them. See if they will contact Deere again. If the service guy won't, ask to talk with the owner. If that does not work, get on the horn with Deere yourself. The PTO clutch lists for $140. That is peanuts. Labor would probably be that much again. I would be polite, but persistent. Sounds to me like your dealer is not very customer supportive.

It is a shame, you spend a lot of hard-earned money on a quality tractor, and then the dealer and the manufacturer, want to piddle their brand image away for a measly $140 failed part by not standing good on the warranty.

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I agree with Stash, get the dealer to replace the PTO under warranty. It's no money out of the dealer's pocket, so I can't see why he'd resist this. If he's already identified that the bearing is failing, it sure won't get any better .

If you let it go until full failure, it could potentially freeze up, shear something REALLY expensive, then watch the warranty repairs mount.

I had a bearing go bad on the gearbox for my deck (shaft drive deck) after 170 hours. My case was similar to yours, the gearbox is not listed as "repairable" for bearing failures, the entire box has to be replaced. A bit over $500 for the gearbox. My dealer never batted an eye, and when he found out that there was not a replacement available in the US, he never hesitated and took one off a brand new deck in his warehouse.

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Thanks guys so much for your suggestions. I talked to the service manager today and told him that I couldn't stand the noise anymore and I shouldn't have to with an "almost" new machine, and I felt there was a reduction in the speed and lagging under minimal strain. So, he says that it is "no problem, bring her in" and if necessary he'll write it up saying the bearing seized.

I wanted to say why in the heck didn't you fix it last time when I brought it in, but I'm trying to be a nice guy cause I promised my wife I wasn't going to get in any more fights this year.

So, thanks again for the wonderful help you people always provide, and I hope someday I'll learn enough about these things so I can help someone else.


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I experienced a very similar situation. My X500 had a carburetor
problem and a slow leak in the left front tire. Took it in for service
and 2 and a half weeks later was told to come pick it up. When I
got there, the service manager handed me a bill for $161.00 (the machine is still under warranty). He said that the carburetor was "dirty" and
they "cleaned" it and that this is not covered under warranty. I
told him he was full of sh**, that this tractor had never seen
"bad" gas, was treated regularly with stabilizer, and had this problem
from the day it was delivered. He gave me some run around about
what Deere would and would not pay for under warranty.

At this point, unlike you FhJ, I made a decision to get loud. I had no
other choice. I wanted my tractor back and was not going to get
it unless I forked over the money. We now had been standing at the
counter for 20+ minutes and several customers had accumulated behind
me. I proceeded to let the service manager, all the customers behind
me, and anybody else within earshot, know what I thought about
this situation and the JD "warranty". I told him I was immediately going
to call JD corporate, the regional service manager, and the owner of
the dealership. Now everybody had heard the commotion; customers,
other employees, everybody in there, and they were all watching what
was going on.

The service manager finally relented and credited back the cost of the
carburetor cleaning. They still charged me $16.00 to fix the left front
tire. I asked them what they did to fix it. He said they put a can of
Slime in it. $16.00 for a can of Slime. After telling him how he is nickel
and diming good customers to death, I paid, got my tractor and left.

They left my tractor outside for 2 weeks before it got in the shop (it
rained many times).

I have purchased over $26,000 of JD equipment between me personally
and my business. Not the biggest customer but still $26,000.

This dealer does not care. They own all the JD dealerships around here
so you have no choice but to deal with them.

This whole situation has made me re-evaluate my relationship with Deere.
I may go a different route next time. This was the first time I had any
warranty work done on any piece of equipment. I love John Deere
stuff but I can't take this SOB dealer anymore.

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