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Over the years I've moved on up to now I have a 62" deck on my x728. I mowed the same lawn for 15 years with a 54" deck on a 445. My lawn is mostly level, but my long driveway is kind of terraced into a hill side. I definitely had better luck with the 54" deck at not getting a step look when mowing. I love that the 62" deck reaches in under ornamental evergreens, and I am saving time mowing so that I can get on to other tractor assisted projects.

But, there is an optimum ratio between wheel track width and deck width. In the end, the narrower deck is easier to mow with, and easier to level. Or, more precisely, leveling your deck is even more critical as you step to a wider deck.

I'd go 54" and adjust my mowing speed and lap in troublesome areas so that I could take advantage of the width in the open areas.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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