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x495- Ready for leaves

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Well I finnaly got all of the pieces together to setup the x495 for leaves and had my first run at it this evening. I do have a couple of questions around the 62c/powerflow combination.

I ended up fabricating the bracket to attach the MC519 to the tractor - I am too cheap to pay $85 for a bent piece of steel :)

I was getting a lot of blowout - does this happen for others and if it does, does the Deere leaf kit make a significant difference?

Thanks in advance.


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Don't have experience with the x495, but I seem to remember several people making their own leaf anti-blowout baffle out of wood, steel or some sort of rubber belt (?) rather than paying the Deere man $50 or so for a small piece of steel shaped to go with the right front bottom of the deck.
Just Bought a twin Bagger Powerflow for my X485 and I have a 48inch deck and I have not had any Blow out But I'm also running Gator Blades weather or not that make a diffrence I don't know But I also have the anti-Blowout kit intstalled. The only nice thing so far is I can mow 1&1/4 acres with out having to empty the Bag's so I only have to empty it twice Before I'm done Bagging 2.5 acres my other 3acres are Garden:thThumbsU
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Get the anti blow out kit if your having problems.
Okay, I'll bite. What is the anti-blow-out kit, and what does it do?

I take it it doesn't come with the standard Powerflow set-up? So, is it only for leaf collection?
UrbanTractor, a couple of plates that mount to the deck to "hold" the debris in the airpath so it goes out the chute instead of blowing down and out from under the deck.
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IMO they work very well. I had a lot of blow out from the left front until I got one. slkpk
Thanks guys.

Is it just for leaves, or grass too?
Grass also. slkpk
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