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x495 capability

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Hi, looking at purchasing a 2005 X495 4 Wheel steer, 2WD, 24 HP diesel. Have an acre of grass (should be np) and 260 ft of drive way plus parking area. Unit comes with a 47" snow blower and a weight box for the back. Is this unit adaquate or am I going to get myself stuck without a 4WD tractor? Also looking to add a bucket and again is the X495 up to it or is it undersized without the 4WD
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The X495 is a very capable machine. The two wheel versions had been around 40+ years prior to the 4x4 models coming out. 4x4 is nice but with the right tires, weight, and common sense you can get a lot accomplished.
I have the same unit (only gas) I plow about a mile and a half of driveway and have never had any problems with weights and chains. In order to put a loader on it you must cut out a piece of the frame. Check out Saleen49 for some pictures. Hope this helps.

Best regards, Deereman
Well I have the Gas Power version Haven't gotten stuck yet Just look at my avatar I have a 2003 X485 with a 45loader,42inch Hydraulic tiller,54inch dozer blade and many other attachments It takes Care or 5.5 hilly acres. I have only use the Diff/lock once and that was when grading some gravel with the 54inch dozer blade.

Winter set up

Summer set up

Had a 425 before the X485. Almost Bought a X585 But I didn't need 4WD before and still don't need it on this 5.5acres. :thThumbsU
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Here is the thread Deereman is talking about
Thanks Sergeant!
I keep that thread Bookmarked:thThumbsU
Yup that's a good one! I keep telling myself I'm going to put on a loader but have never gotten around to it.
I know the feeling. With me it's the Markham Bucket teeth for the 45loader still haven't done it yet.:thThumbsU
Sergeant, how do the bar treads work? Can I put anything but turfs on my AWS machine?
Yes you can Put AG's on the AWS and even HDAP I run Ag's year round only time it can damage turf is if it real wet out when Your Cutting. I eventually want to get Ag's for alll My Garden tractors in my Signature except the 7016 Soverign & of coarse the Rear engine rider will stay turf.:thThumbsU

Summer set up

Sergeant, This is one of my favorite photos on the forum. Your X485 tractor set-up looks like it really means "business". Nice machine.
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Thanks U.T.. I just wish the leaves around here would Hurry up and Fall so I can get Her ready for winter.:thThumbsU
Jimrie, you cannot go wrong with the tractor you are looking at purchasing. The diesel engines in these units are extremely tough and will last forever. Do you know how many hours the unit has on it?
Best regards, Deereman
The one I'm looking at has 550 hours on it so lightly used really. Thanks for the info
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