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X350 drive belt issues

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I need some advice on fixing my X350. I was mowing and the machine threw the drive belt. I pulled the 48" mower deck out and found the belt off on both ends and the spring was off the tensioning pulley assembly. I am not sure where the spring was supposed to attach and none of the diagrams show it. I hooked it in one of the holes in the assembly frame and it seemed to tension up the belt fine. The unit would drive forward and reverse until I put the mower deck back on. It seems to me the belt is slipping. The machine only has 33 hours on it. Is that normal? I have to tear it all apart again, so I'm hoping someone else with some experience can advise me on what to inspect. Everything looks good,but why would the belt throw off in the first place?

Thanks for your help.
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What was the mower doing when it threw the belt?

What does the belt look like, is it damaged?

If a blade hits something hard, it can cause the belt to jump.

If the belt was not routed correctly or is the wrong size, that can cause it too.

There should be a routing diagram printed on the deck that shows how the belt goes.

Does it have one belt or two? Which one jumped?

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Thanks, Frogmore, for the response. My problem is with the traction drive belt-- the belt that drives the transmission. I see the diagram for the deck drive belt. The only question I really have about the diagram is where the tensioning spring is supposed to attach. When the belt came off the spring came off, too. Or vice versa.
Look here for the diagram: John Deere Parts Catalog

It looks like the idler pullies have been replaced by new part numbers. Maybe the new ones are better. Looks like both part numbers are still available.

33 hours is not a lot, so it seems either something bad happened or something is defective. If something is defective the problem will occur again. It should still be under warranty, so it might be a good idea to let the dealer fix it if it happens again.
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