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x320 fuel gauge help

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I just purchased a new x320, does anyone know of a fuel fill cap or 12 volt fuel gauge add on for this model. It is hard to see the fuel level through the plastic tank, and since the tank fill curves, a straight fuel float cap wont work. Dealer says nothing for it, just wondering has anyone come up with anything or any suggestions, thanks in advance

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Hi Jim - Just bought an x320 also last month. Yes it's hard to see the fuel line. Interesting though,,,,because you can pull on the closed fuel tank cap and the tank rocks just enough that you can see the fuel move in the tank. I checked the other x320's at the dealer and they move slightly also. I think it was intended that way. I can't see the fuel either - but moving the tank lets me see where the fuel is.
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simple solution, fill the machine before you use it. that way you know you have enough to get done!
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