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What would be the value for a X300 JD lawn tractor with 132 hours, has a deck and bagger.
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What year? And are you asking as a potential seller or buyer?
I think its a 2008. I would be the buyer. My neighbor has it, he I moving chasing a woman all the way across the country. I want to pay a fair price
11 years old, I don't care what the hours are, I wouldn't offer over $500
I'm going to say $1000-1300, 132 hours is low for the year, how was he on maintenance, you know him and his habits with his equipment, a dealer would easily ask $2000 I'll bet.
I would rather pay $1000 for a 25 year old machine, than an 11 year old machine. At least you are buying steel rather than plastic.
132 hours in an 11 year period is only 12 hours a year he used it. I bet the hour meter is broken.
The hour meter is working. He used to live in town and could mow in minutes it was just a patch of grass. I believe the hours are write
Well with the bagger a dealer would want 2000 or more. A new one is 3000. I think I would pay no more than 1500. But here's a list of 185 of them for sell just to give you an idea. A few of them have baggers. Good luck in your decision.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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